We had heard of the Trans America Trail (TAT) but Trans Euro Trail (TET) did not tell us anything. After a little research we found the homepage of the TET. It is a 34,000 km long GPX route that runs from Gibraltar to the Arctic Circle and was created (and is continually improved) by volunteers, so-called “Linesmen”.
You can download individual country sections for free and transfer them as a GPX file to your navigation device. Since the trail also leads through the Netherlands, which are practically around the corner, we packed our bags and headed off towards Witrijt (start of the Dutch trail) to enjoy a weekend full of gravel, mud and sand.

If I had to describe the route in the Netherlands in one word, sandy would hit the nail on the head. Mostly you ride on drivable sand and forest trails, but there are also larger sections with deep sand – where only speed helps. If you are too slow, you at least fall soft. Now in November, the sand tracks have turned into mud and deep puddles, making sure that the driver and machine get a proper coat of paint.

In the evening we have always found a cheap campsite, which are dead in November. So we could end the driving days comfortably and peacefully in front of the tent.