During the last years we have both had different motorcycles, from a feisty single cylinder to a big enduro. In preparation for our trip around the world, we asked ourselves which machines would be suitable for us and set out to search.
Even though our big enduros had accompanied us across Europe without any problems so far, we wanted lighter bikes, as we plan to ride as much off-road as possible on our world trip.
So some criteria were already clear: The bikes should be relatively light, reliable and cheap, have a low consumption and at best be suitable for both of us.
After a few test rides and a lot of positive feedback from other travelers, the Honda CRF250 L caught our eye. No known problems, reliable technology, lightweight and relatively cheap for a new motorcycle. In the end, we chose the CRF250 Rally, because it is a bit higher, has a windshield and better headlights.
In order to make the bikes more suitable to ride the world, we changed a few things.